Dustin on the Essentials of Good Health

Dustin sits in A&P class.

Dustin sits in A&P class with a room full of classmates who have been in the same classrooms with him since kindergarten. Next year’s graduates make up 90% of Mrs. Evans’ third block students. With relationships spanning over a decade the students consider each other family, and Dustin is a member of several families at Quitman High School. He explains,

“I made varsity tennis and am trying out for powerlifting. I’m on the Quiz Bowl team. I’m in FBLA, Beta Club, and NTHS (National Technical Honor Society). I’ve been doing archery since I was in 7th grade. When we first did archery I was naturally good at it. I scored the highest and had never held a bow and arrow. I still hold the school record in competition: 272 out of 300. It still stands, but I hope to break it this year.”

Now with a successful marching season behind him, Dustin smiles when he talks about recent competitions.

“We are 12th in the state out of 44 or 45 bands. It’s been enjoyable. I like Mr. Sorto’s attitude toward things.”

Dustin marches in the Big Blue Crew.

Dustin makes a peach cobbler in culinary class.

From Panther Stadium to the practice field to the local Body Shop four days a week Dustin never forgets about his classes and the role they play in his future career.

“I’m ready to graduate. I’ve been going to Quitman my whole life. I plan to go to MCC for two years and then to State. I want to be a dietician. I like dealing with food and stuff. I don’t actually want to cook but I do want to work with food and helping people. I’m in Culinary II right now. I went into culinary because I was interested in learning more about cooking. My grandmother introduced me to it. She makes red beans and rice and I can make it, too, just not quite as good as hers.”

Before he begins his studies in Food Science at Mississippi State, the QHS senior will be concentrating in studies which will have him in labs where he will be studying the biology, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry of the body. That knowledge coupled with what he will learn about food at Mississippi’s agricultural university, will become the basis of a successful career and a healthy life.

“I just finished my research paper in college English Comp I. It was on different regimens of weight loss and how to maintain it. I hope to maybe one day work in a clinic as a dietician somewhere in Jones County in a two-story house with lots of acreage.”

Dustin prepares a heart for dissection in A&P class.

Dustin poses in the science building.

For others who may be looking to graduate and pursue further education into a successful career and healthy life, Dustin has some advice.

“Keep up on your schoolwork. Keep up with all of your classes first before you do any extra stuff outside of school. Make sure you are keeping your grades up. Get plenty of sleep at night. Pay attention in class. Don’t be a troublemaker. 30% something of kids in the U.S. are obese. Eat healthy foods. Don’t eat junk, candy or fast food.”