Awarding Success at QHS

Coach Vances poses by her Teacher of the Year sign.

Throughout Quitman School District schools are choosing their 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year, and Quitman High School has already chosen not only the Teacher of the Year, but has also awarded her along with her fellow faculty in last Friday’s pep rally.

Coach Vance poses with Dr. Pearson.

Just before the lights went out, Dr. Pearson asked the students gathered in Panther Gym to listen as she presented the chosen faculty for the 2019-2020 year. She said, “The teachers voted. There were six winners and one teacher of the year.”

Coach Vance celebrates earning the 2019-2020 QHS Teacher of the Year.

Coach Vance won QHS Teacher of the Year and the following:

The Campus Quarterback of Sainthood for being a team player, kind, considerate to other staff members, and stepping in to cover for others when needed.

The Positively Positive Comrade for interacting with students and staff members in a positive manner.

The Talking Stick Designee for speaking up as a leader during staff development and grade level meetings.

The Extra Mile Runner for sponsoring, planning, and attending extracurricular activities.

The 22-year veteran educator is teaching her 2nd year of ACT Prep at Quitman High School and says, “You know me. It’s all about these kids. One of my students came up to me and hugged me this morning. He said, ‘I got a 24 in reading!’ He came up from a 15. He is so excited. I am so excited. I love watching these kids win!”

The kids love watching her win, as well. They also love watching as favorite teachers get recognized for their efforts.

Mrs. McKenzie accepts her award.Mrs. Davis poses with former student Julian Noel.Mrs. Alford poses with her former student.Mrs. Rivers poses for a photo with her award.Mrs. Debbie Reeves receives her award from a former student.

Mrs. Rivers was awarded The “With-It” Classroom Orchestrator for creating an inviting, enthusiastic environment for learning.

Mrs. Reeves walked away with The Curriculum and Instruction Guru for sharing innovative ideas in curriculum and instruction with others.

Mrs. Alford was voted The Revered Building Expert for serving as a critical friend for colleagues while providing and seeking meaningful feedback on instruction. She also earned The Distinguished 7 Habits model for fostering the behaviors that depict the 7 Habits of Leader in Me.

Mrs. Davis was named The Legendary Data Warrior for displaying ample evidence that she knows each student’s level and tracks their progress.

Mrs. McKenzie has proven herself to be The Parent Partnership Crusader because she has been building positive partnerships with parents and families. She has really great parent rapport!