2020 Panther Nation Graduation – Update

Dr. Savage says, “I think the plan is specific enough.”

Those in the know are aware that the 2020 Panther Nation Graduation Committee has everything planned to the moment while giving every moment more to savor than in any other graduation in Quitman School District history.

This is a composite of the QHS 2020 graduates.

Photograph courtesy of Bruckner’s School Photography

It is unique. It is rare. This class and this year are particularly special. There will be a 2020 Parade of Graduates on Friday, May 29th from 9:00 a.m. till noon. HERE Mr. Daniels explains to the seniors where they are to go. The rest of us will be there to cheer them on. It will be only three hours of our day for a group who has spent the last 14 years getting here and planning where they are now going.

This is a map of the parade route.

Mrs. Martin has been kind enough to make us a map of where we should be parking and where the students will be in their cars.

This is a screenshot of a letter to students.

Next will be the individualized graduation ceremony for which Dr. Savage’s team has been tirelessly preparing.

Starting June 1st at 9:00 a.m. a ceremony spanning five-days and allowing for each graduate to enjoy a personal ceremony with twenty family and friends will take place. It will be an outdoor ceremony in Panther Stadium with no limits on balloons and presents.  This will be a first, but all the faculty and staff agree that they are willing to work as many hours as needed to ensure this class understands the pride we all feel when we think of them.

Following are the dates and times of their graduation.

Each ceremony will be videoed and featured on our YouTube channel with permission.

Logan Kelly June 1st 9:00 a.m.
Jacy Waltman June 1st 9:30
Andrew Parker June 1st 10:00
Alana Herrington June 1st 10:15
Madison McCullough June 1st 10:30
Brandon Hicks June 1st 10:45
Dixie Pinkerton June 1st 11:00
Kinlee Odom June 1st 11:15
Jalend Satcher June 1st 11:30
Taliyah Ward June 1st 11:45
Stefon Adams June 2nd 8:00
Estella Aguilar June 2nd 8:15
Eternity Alford June 2nd 8:30
Dwyon Altman June 2nd 8:45
Shakeeb Anderson June 2nd 9:00
Kayla Armstrong June 2nd 9:15
Bailey Ashley June 2nd 9:30
Miracle Banks June 2nd 9:45
Redell Bester June 2nd 10:00
Kenyatia Blanks June 2nd 10:15
Keon Blanks June 2nd 10:30
Breanna Boyette June 2nd 10:45
Carderrian Brown June 2nd 11:00
Jammie Brown June 2nd 11:15
Tahj Cameron June 2nd 11:30
Kendrella Carter June 2nd 11:45
Noah Covington June 2nd 1:00
Grad’aisha Davis June 2nd 1:15
Marvelette Davis June 2nd 1:30
TyAsia Donald June 2nd 1:45
Anasia Edgar June 2nd 2:00
Lonnie Edmond June 2nd 2:15
Anthony Evans June 2nd 2:30
Yanesha Evans-Goss June 2nd 2:45
Keiona Everett June 2nd 3:00
Khalondis Everett June 2nd 3:15
Deja Fisher June 2nd 3:30
Skylar Fleming June 2nd 3:45
Aa’cahsha Gandy June 3rd 8:00
Hank Gandy June 3rd 8:15
Denyia Gates June 3rd 8:30
Chelsea Gooden June 3rd 8:45
Boneisha Gordon June 3rd 9:00
Adelia Gray June 3rd 9:15
Richard Grice June 3rd 9:30
Logan Griffin June 3rd 9:45
Te’Alexis Hale June 3rd 10:00
Mallory Hales June 3rd 10:15
William Hawthorne June 3rd 10:30
Tyler Hines June 3rd 10:45
Kinoya House June 3rd 11:00
Keylan Howard June 3rd 11:15
Madison Hoze June 3rd 11:30
Kendall Jasper June 3rd 11:45
Dustin Johnson June 3rd 1:00
Ronald Johnson June 3rd 1:15
Je’Quvanna Jones June 3rd 1:30
Je’Quvorrus Jones June 3rd 1:45
Samson Jones June 3rd 2:00
Jeremy Jordan June 3rd 2:15
Perdeja Lacey June 3rd 2:30
John Lang June 3rd 2:45
O’marian Lee June 3rd 3:00
Damion Leggett June 3rd 3:15
Talia Leggett June 3rd 3:30
Isaviah Lewis June 3rd 3:45
Myana Lewis June 4th 8:00
Aleya Loper June 4th 8:15
Hannah Lynch June 4th 8:30
Lawrence Lynch June 4th 8:45
Hannah Manning June 4th 9:00
J’lan Matthews June 4th 9:15
Baylee McDaniel June 4th 9:30
CaLeshia McDonald June 4th 9:45
Shemerial McDonald June 4th 10:00
Camryn McKenzie June 4th 10:15
William McKenzie June 4th 10:30
La’Teisha McMillian June 4th 10:45
Edward McNail June 4th 11:00
Aldyn Minella June 4th 11:15
Ireland Moffett June 4th 11:30
Gavin Mosley June 4th 11:45
Delondre Moss June 4th 1:00
Jemetress Nelson June 4th 1:15
Tywana Owens June 4th 1:30
William Patrick June 4th 1:45
Erin Perkins June 4th 2:00
Tywan Perry June 4th 2:15
Vivian Peters June 4th 2:30
Briderrion Pickens June 4th 2:45
Kallie Priester June 4th 3:00
Ashanti Pruitt June 4th 3:15
Aleiyah Reed June 4th 3:30
Fieisha Robinson June 4th 3:45
Brianna Ross June 5th 8:00
Bendarious Satcher June 5th 8:15
Iyonna Satcher June 5th 8:30
Frederick Scruggs June 5th 8:45
Cassie Shockley June 5th 9:00
Bryon Smith June 5th 9:15
Chuckie Smith June 5th 9:30
Shemiah Smith June 5th 9:45
Quatava Sterling June 5th 10:00
Shavonna Stokes June 5th 10:15
JarQuan Terrell June 5th 10:30
Trevell Tillman June 5th 10:45
LaQwanna Thomas June 5th 11:00
William Thompson June 5th 11:15
Toneshia Thornton June 5th 11:30
Justin Vaughan June 5th 11:45
Kenetria Vaughan June 5th 1:00
Justin Vaughn June 5th 1:15
Antonio Wallace June 5th 1:30
Sankoreion Watts June 5th 1:45
Tamyaah Wesley June 5th 2:00
Jacob Whigham June 5th 2:15
DeTread Williams June 5th 2:30
Luke Yelverton June 5th 2:45

They will be hearing, “Congratulations!” but that won’t begin to explain it.