Logan’s Reach

Logan poses for a senior photograph.

Photograph courtesy of April Swancey

Logan Kelly has fond memories of his past thirteen years in the Quitman School District, but Logan was not only busy as a student in school. See HERE. He was also busy as an athlete, club leader, and band member.

“Some of my favorite memories have been made as a part of the band and the drumline. I still can’t help but laugh when I think about the time Terriandra ran into me and made me drop my drums in the middle of a parade after I dropped a stick. And I’ll always remember when Mr. Sorto let us seniors come to the top of the bleachers to watch the band’s last rehearsal we’d ever see.”

Logan remained busy as a student outside of school, as well. He explains,

“It’s always important to be curious. I would have never come this far if I wasn’t genuinely interested in most of the things I learned — both in school and out. Outside of school I listened to many hours of Roman history podcasts. They gave me something interesting to talk about in my college interviews. Like stoic philosophy. Every day I read a snippet of stoic motivation and the explanation for it. Stoicism gives you a type of discipline. I have also read meditations of Marcus Aurelius. He was one of Rome’s last great emperors in a peaceful and prosperous time for the Roman Empire. I have enjoyed looking through the lens of a Roman emperor and seeing so many of the same human struggles everyone deals with. I think the easiest way to describe what the philosophy encourages is for you to do what you can and not worry about those things you can’t control. You take care of what is in your sphere of influence. The main thing is facing things as they are and not just what you want them to be. It’s about you being the best person you can be.”

Logan poses for a senior photo.

Photograph courtesy of April Swancey

Still, Logan admits, he is hoping for the on-campus Harvard University experience. 

“The final decision of online or on-campus classes for Harvard will be made over the summer. It’s kinda up in the air right now.  I’m just hoping they’ll prioritize freshman and seniors because I think it’s important that we get to meet friends who we will choose to go into upperclassmen housing with for the next three years, but I’ve heard a variety of good ideas to make the best of the situation.”

While the decision-makers at Harvard decide where Logan will be in the fall, he will be packing for Massachusetts, working a summer job in the maintenance department, and preparing for the academic challenges to come.

“I think it’s important to work a physically demanding job at least once in your life. That perspective will give you some respect for the hard work that drives our economy and keeps our system running.” As far as academics, Logan says, “I’m definitely going to catch up with some reading and math over the summer. I also hope to take part in the Harvard SPARK program with a voter registration initiative in the community. With such a busy schedule, it’s pretty tough because you’re not going to Harvard just for academics. You’re going for the opportunities and to meet new people – the future Mark Zuckerburgs and Bill Gates of the world.”

Logan already knows what some great people in Quitman can do. The Quitman High School STAR Student chose Mrs. Tammy Alford as his STAR Teacher. About her, he says,

“She does so much for the students. I had her for Exploring Computer Science and Personal Finance, and I couldn’t believe that she never got Star Teacher before. She has so much in her room just to give the students if they need it. She cares so much about the students in FBLA that she often stays overtime and opens up her room for us to study. I think anyone else would tell you the same things and more. She supports us like we were her own kids.”

Without Mrs. Alford, the 2018-2020 FBLA president admits he would be unable to describe the experience of winning national recognition in Business Communications.

Logan poses with his family and favorite faculty and staff of QHS.

Fifteen years from now, if Logan is living his best dream, he thinks his life will have branched into one of two paths.

“On one, I’d be a big-time lawyer in Nashville or DC. I’d love to be on the path to become a Supreme Court Justice. The other branch would have me in Virginia, North Carolina, or even New York City with a family and a business. I could see myself spending my life as a lawyer and/or an entrepreneur.”

Logan poses with friends for a photograph.

Photograph courtesy of Chrissy Kelly

For anyone hoping to do the same, Logan does have advice.

“Motivation lasts a day. Discipline is getting up everyday and doing something about it. It lasts the rest of your life. You pick up a racket and go play. You pick up a ball and get better. You lift some weights and get stronger. You might not be Mo Farah at running or Lebron James in basketball; you might not be Larry Wheels in powerlifting, but doing something is better than doing nothing. It’s always good to reach as far as you can to better yourself.”