What Will School Look Like?

Registration for all Quitman School District schools will begin online on July 1st. You will receive notification here, through our Facebook and twitter pages and via our AIM notification systems. If your child still lives at the same address, the online registration process will be as simple as it has been in the previous years. You will only need proof of residence if your child has moved. On July 13th our schools will begin making appointments for those families unable to register online, but next week before any registration begins, you will receive a VERY important phone call from your child’s school.

We want and need your input for the 2020 – 2021 school year. We want you to be involved in the planning of your child’s education. Our staff and faculty will have a few questions for you because what you have to say is VERY important.

QSD principals and directors plan for the upcoming year.

Your district and schools’ leaders are listening, discussing, training, studying and accessing affordable and sustainable methods of teaching students while providing the safest environment possible for their students, faculty and staff and community.

QSD principals and directors consult with other schools about the upcoming year.

“We appreciate your patience as we have gotten a time out to get back to what we need to do. Everyone can do better. We are responsible for changing kids and changing lives. What is best for our kids? That is our focus,” says QSD superintendent Dr. Toriano Holloway.

This is a screenshot with the quote "The essence of teaching is to have one idea spark another."

What will learning look like during the 2020 – 2021 school year? So much of that is based on the answers you give the caller next week.