Change is a Chance: Parents Choose Traditional or Distance Learning

On Monday, July 13th Dr. Holloway met with the district’s principals and directors to discuss the guidelines for the 2020 – 2021 Distance Learning Plan. Within a couple of hours Dr. Shevonda Truman was seated in the QJH Library across from a voice she recognized from growing up in the area.

This is a screenshot of the news story from WTOK.

A change was made in the Quitman School District Distance Learning Plan, and Dr. Truman told WTOK News Anchor Lindsey Hall, “We will plan, but when we have to go back to that plan and redo or modify, that’s what we will do.”

Blocks that spell both change and chance.

Dr. Holloway explains, “We want to give our parents the option to choose distance learning if they don’t feel comfortable sending their children to school right now. It is their choice, but if they choose distance learning, they will need to do two of three things.”

1. Answer the questions listed on the “I CAN” Distance Learning Checklist.


2. Call your child’s school’s office and set up an appointment to stop by and complete the Request for Virtual Learning Form.


3. Print off the Request for Virtual Learning Form, sign it and email it, scan it or fax it back to your child’s school.

This is a screenshot of the distant learning guidelines.