Go, Panthers!

Zykendall reads to her fellow bus passengers during the morning commute.

Photograph courtesy of Coach Hines

Quitman Upper Elementary student Zykendall reads to her fellow bus riders during their morning commute. Thanks to some encouragement from her bus driver #PantherReads wherever she chooses!

Coach Hines explains, “This week we have talked about AR points and how important it is to have our book with us. Today Zykendall asked me, ‘Can I read to them here?’ Of course I said, ‘YES!'”


Rayleigh poses with the bike she won.

Photograph courtesy of Mrs. Chrissy Kelly

Quitman Junior High student Rayleigh wins a bike from a challenge presented by Quitman Mayor Eddie Fulton. She explains,

“I couldn’t ride my other bike anymore because my dog chewed up my bike seat. I was riding my sister’s bike when Mrs. Kelly said we could win a bike if we took part in the Stock Market game. I had to pick a stock to invest in, and if I did good on it, I could keep going. I invested in a few companies and some medical companies. I remember losing and wondering how that could happen. I said, ‘I won’t be investing in a company like that again.'”


Mrs. Causey hangs up student work in her classroom.

Special thank you to Mrs. Causey for sharing her students’ work with us.

Like Franky, kindergarteners can be cranky, and they know how to write what causes them to feel that way.


Coach Harlan checks her lunch bag from #PantherHealth.

Coach Harlan receives a gift from #PantherHealth. See more HERE.