What’s happening at QSD

Panther Varsity Football wins 25-14 over Heidelberg Oilers


covid update

Our Covid numbers continue to decline. Today we have 15 STUDENTS (less than 1% and down 19 from Friday) and 3 staff members out positive with Covid. Our excellent nurses continue to successfully lead
our efforts in each of our schools. Thank you for taking Covid seriously. Please continue to encourage your children to wash their hands regularly, wear a mask, and social distance. Thank you for your support for our students, teachers, and staff!


Girls Varsity Volleyball won against Mendenhall Thursday, September 2, 2021. This first win in district puts Coach Vance and the team 1-0 in district play. (picture provided by Coach Vance)

JH football

8th grade football played their first game on September 2, 2021 against South Jones. QJH won 28-8.

meet the panthers

Meet the Panthers! Thursday, August 26, at 6 p.m. on Panther field, High school & Junior high football players, band members, and cheerleaders were highlighted and celebrated.

QUE students are back in class and loving it! QUE Principal Mrs. Schrimpshire and Assistant principal Mrs. Chapman have made some amazing changes to maximize learning for 3-5th graders.

QLE S.W.A.T. students enjoy their new memberships to ChessKid.

QLE students are learning by leaps and bounds! Teachers and staff are making sure each student is meeting and exceeding learning goals every day in class. The first round of MKAS2 K Readiness Assessment will be given to pre-k and kindergarten students this week.