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IT Disaster Recovery Plan


IT Disaster Recovery Plan




2022-2023 Request for Proposal/Quotation


Cost-Per-Image Agreement For Copying And Printing Services

Questions and Answers from Vendors Concerning Cost-Per-Image Agreement RFP:

Question 1:  Is the count for devices in Section VII – New Equipment Request accurate?

Answer 1:  Yes.  After a complete audit of Quitman School District’s current fleet, meetings were held with each building principal/department head to determine the needs of the district in the future.  The total number of devices is a reduction in number of devices in the current fleet.

Question 2:  What is the relationship between this RFP and the RFP from 2017?

Answer 2:  Our current contract will end in June.  The Mississippi Department of Finance Administration states that term contracts can only last from 6 months to 5 years.  Quitman School District has exhausted all of the allowable years with our current contract so must therefore go out for bids for a new contract.

Question 3: What is the latest date the awarded vendor will receive a purchase order?

The purchase order will be awarded based on the contract dates.  For example, if we award the bid at the May school district board meeting, we would have a June 1 start date barring any issues with timelines.

Question 4: Will Quitman School District modify the requested installation deadline  from June 30, 2022 to 180 days after receipt of order and the liquidated damages in the amount of $100 per day per school be removed?  Due to global supply issues we estimate that 90 days “after receipt of order” (ARO) is the current average copier delivery time for most copier manufacturers  Also on occasion, a copier accessory from a manufacturer can take up 5 months to be delivered ARO.  A vendor will need at least 180 days after receipt of order to provide ample time to order and receive 53 copiers and printers and then setup, configure, transport, and install them.

Per the Finance Director, we will take into account the timeline for completion of the project when reviewing bids.  Please add the above question to any bids that will be submitted.

Question 5: In “Section I – Definitions”, the MFD device is listed as having fax capability, however, in “Section VII – New Equipment Request” fax capability is not listed under minimum specifications.  Is fax capability required?

Each campus in Quitman School District has a standalone fax machine.  Fax capability is not a requirement for the devices listed in this bid as laid out in Section VII.


e-Rate RFP# 2022-2023

Questions and Answers from Vendors Concerning RFP# 2022-2023:

Question 1:

  • What wattage for the UPS?
  • What is the value of the In/Out Voltage?
  • What type of plugs/receptacles are preferred?
  • Will it need Extra Battery Cabinet?
  • Any Specific Run Time?
  • How many Units for the Rack? (6U, 12U, 24U… etc.)
  • Dimensions of the Rack? (W x D x H)

Answer 1:

The answers to the specific questions you have asked will be determined during the on-site walk-through scheduled for February 22nd at 9:00 A.M when more specific details will be given.
Thank you for your interest in potentially supplying our district with the services we seek within our e-Rate RFP (FCC Form 470 Number 220003313).

Question 2:

This site visit, are manufacturers allowed to attend? We are with (Company) and would like to attend if possible.

Answer 2:

Yes, of course. There is no stipulation that manufacturers cannot attend the walk-through.
The walk-through will be on February 22, 2022 at 9:00 A.M. at the Quitman School District Administration Office Boardroom located at 104 East Franklin Street, Quitman, MS 39355

Question 3:

Could you please confirm down time for new cabinet cutovers (normal business hours). Will we cutover new IDF cabinets with existing switches on MM and then cutover MDF/IDF with new switches on SM?

Answer 3:

We would rather have the cut-over during non-business hours (from 4:00 PM to 7:30 AM) to minimize the impact of instructional time.  Refer to each school’s equipment list as it shows which racks or IDFs need enclosures and which ones will need to be moved from a floor standing rack to a wall rack. (See the Notes)

Question 4:

What is the school district’s preferred method to extend Cat6 cables for new cabinets?

Answer 4:

If the cable is too short to move then they will need to be re-run however, they should have enough cable as those racks will only move to a wall mounted enclosure which would constitute a shorter distance for the cable. The only exception to this is the rack in the QUE Gymnatorium, which will be moved to the Coach’s Office across the building. There are no copper cables that needs to be re-routed, only SM fiber needs to be installed at the QUE Gymnatorium.

Question 5:

Will we be responsible to reroute Cat6 cables to the gymnatorium rack move? 

Answer 5:

There is only one present Cat 6 cable in the QUE Gymnatorium which goes to an AP. It does not need to be moved as this AP will be moved to the Coach’s Office.

Question 6:

Will the existing 12F SM to QUE-MDF from NOC be replaced (spliced at NOC)?

Answer 6:

Yes, it will need to be replaced. The fiber in use from the QSD NOC to the QUE MDF is a 6 strand SM and a 6 strand MM cable in the same cable. We are asking for 12 strand SM fiber.