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2019-2020 Request for Proposals

RFP QSD-LAN-YR22 (Network Upgrade Project)

RFP QSD-LAN-YR22-ADDENDUM (Released 17January2019)

RFP Questions and Answers

Question: “Does the vendor have to be a Mississippi based company? Do remote offices work?

Answer: No, a bidder does not have to be a Mississippi based company. However, Mississippi based companies are given a 10 percent weighted score over non-Mississippi based companies during proposal evaluations and the selection process as outlined in the RFP. Please see page 6.


Question: “Is there a pre-bid conference?”

Answer: No, there is no pre-bid conference. The District is only seeking hardware and is not requesting installation or configuration of any equipment related to this RFP.


Question: “I specialize in cloud networking, and I noticed on your 470 you posted you didn’t want to look at cloud. Is there a particular reason why that’s not an option for you?”

Answer: Because we are not doing a full upgrade of all our switches, I’m preferring not to mix and match switches from a management perspective. We are only upgrading a certain number of switches based on the amount of funding available from the eRate program. Having said that, it doesn’t make much sense to me to have two different panes of management.As mentioned in the RFP, any proposed switches will need to be compatible and stack with our existing Cisco 2960S switches.


Question: “Unfortunately GLC-LH-MMD is not a valid SFP SKU. Can you help me with this?”

Answer: The correct part number is Cisco GLC-LH-SMD= (or equivalent) instead of Cisco GLC-LH-MMD= (or Equivalent). This is a clerical error on the RFP. An Addendum will be issued above.


Question: “On your RFP, you stated that you would like the GLC-LH-MMD= (or equivalent) qty of 1 at each school. However, that part number does not exist. What does exist, is the GLC-LH-SMD= What is the correct part number or equivalent you are looking for?”

Answer: Yes, that is correct. I had the wrong SKU number. I put out an addendum on this yesterday to make that correction (see above). GLC-LH-SMD= (or equivalent) is just for two schools (QLE and QUE) and not for all four.


Question: “On page 8 of your RFP it states that the proposer shall provide a contract for products to be offered. Are you wanting a purchase agreement/ contract submitted with the bid proposal? I am assuming yes but want to verify.”

Answer: Yes, that is correct.