John Korzenko – Technology Coordinator

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Carrie Holloman – Administrative Assistant

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Matthew Champion – Senior Technician

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Antwain Boykin – Technician

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2020-2021 Request for Proposal/Quotation

RFQ QSD-LAN-YR23 Network Project

Questions from Vendors and Answers:

Q. I read over your RFP and on the Equipment list it states you need 3 power cables at each school but only asking for 2 switches at each school. Do you need a 3rd one ?

A. The 3rd power cable was asked because I am requesting a secondary power supply for the QHS, QJHS and QSD NOC projects.

The secondary power supplies may already come with power cables included with the unit, I just didn’t know. That would also hold true for the switches too as the power cables may already be included with that part/skew number.
We are not asking for any “extra” power cables beyond what I have already specified above. So it would be one power cable per switch and one power cable per secondary power supply.