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2021-22 QSD Child Nutrition Program

QSD Wellness Program

All Quitman School District students attending school during the 2021-22 school year will be receiving their school breakfasts and lunches at no charge to them. Please read the letter here.

Our school menus are designed to meet the calorie requirements of growing children, and provide major vitamins and minerals needed for proper growth. New meal requirements will be required by USDA next year to increase fruit, vegetable, and whole grain foods. Our menus already offer two fruits and two vegetables daily, and we began increasing the whole grain foods offered last year. These are not “diet:” menus, these are foods that all students need to eat to be their best.

Please be aware that students and staff are not to bring soft drink products in the cafeterias unless they are in a thermos or a reusable beverage container. Students that bring their lunch/breakfast to school should do so in a lunch box/bag that will keep food at the proper temperature to ensure food safety.

If you have any questions regarding the Child Nutrition programs we may be reached at the following numbers:

Wendy Tucker, R.D.,L.D., Child Nutrition Coordinator, 601-776-2186

Patricia Ann Smith, Quitman Lower Elementary Cafeteria Manager, 601-776-6033

Beverlyn Russell, Quitman Upper Elementary Cafeteria Manager, 601-776-2175

Dyna Lewis, Quitman Junior High Cafeteria Manager, 601-776-6064

Pam Adams,  Quitman High School Cafeteria Manager, 601-776-6341

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

QSD Summer Feeding Waiver

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