Gifted Education

S.W.A.T., the Quitman School District’s gifted program, offers many great opportunities for students in grades 2-6, with additional options for students at the secondary level.


The mission of Quitman School District’s intellectually gifted program is to provide a safe and incomparable learning environment that strives to address the unique needs of students identified as intellectually gifted. The purpose of the program is to assist these intellectually gifted students in the development of their talent potential through appropriate educational experience, and to encourage and to respond to the diverse expressions of the gifts and talents of these children without regards to culture, racial and ethnic backgrounds, or socioeconomic group.


The district’s intellectually gifted program is provided for any eligible student in grades 2-6 based on MDE guidelines. In addition, at the high school level, former gifted students are offered opportunities such as AP courses, accelerated courses, dual enrollment through Jones County Community College and William Carey College, online learning classes as needed.


Each week, the gifted education students have, at a minimum, 240 minutes of gifted instruction based on the Quitman School District’s Gifted Education Instructional Management Plan.

The basic goals for the S.W.A.T. program are to:

    • Provide an environment conducive to the development of autonomous learning.
    • Promote self-esteem, self-direction, leadership skills, and group dynamics.
    • Develop an appreciation and understanding of different cultures, environments, values, thoughts, and philosophies.
    • Increase knowledge and appreciations of great literature, music, performing and visual arts, and people.
    • Promote in-depth studies in careers.
    • Initiate exploration of the worlds of science, futurism, and decision-making.Strengthen communication skills.
    • Increase awareness of responsibility to self, to others, and to the school.              
    • Expand student interests/strengths through research skills.
    • Develop higher order thinking skills and creative thinking skills.


The following gifted traits were noted by Janice Szabos:

Asks questions.
Is highly curious.
Is mentally and physically involved.
Plays around, yet tests well.
Discusses in detail, elaborates.
Beyond the group.
Shows strong feelings and opinions.
Already knows information.
1-2 repetitions for mastery.
Constructs abstractions.
Prefers adults.
Draws inferences.
Initiates projects.
Is intense.
Creates a new design.
Enjoys learning.
Manipulates information.
Good guesser.
Thrives on complexity.
Is keenly observant.
Is highly self-critical.

Do you know students who have these characteristics? If so, referral for the gifted program made by any student, parent, or teacher for students in grades two through six. Contact the gifted teacher at your child’s school to refer a child. We have a wonderful program for him/her!

All students in the third grade are screened in the fall, and all students in the 1st grade are screened in the spring for possible inclusion in the gifted program.

For more information, please call your child’s school office:

QLE (601)776-6156

QUE (601) 776-6123

QJH (601) 776-6243

Teachers for the S.W.A.T. program are Elizabeth Fisher and Dreanna Davis.