QSD Strategic Plan

QJH student poses with community read t-shirt.Vision Statement

Empowering a passion for excellence.


Mission Statement

The mission of Quitman School District is to provide a quality educational program that recognizes the wide range of abilities, backgrounds, needs, and interests of our students. In the pursuit of excellence, we will encourage, inspire, and empower our students to succeed through graduation and beyond.

Core Values

We believe that every person has value.

We believe that a safe, healthy and orderly environment is essential to learning.

We believe that building relationships is integral to our success

We believe that hard work and dedication are necessary for success.

We believe that honest and open communication with all stakeholders is vital.

We believe that collaboration is a platform for educational growth.

We believe in providing every student access to a viable curriculum.

We believe in integrity and mutual respect for all.



Goal I   To provide a safe, healthy, and orderly learning environment

A. Maintain a safe environment by increasing safety measures

B. Reduce the number of discipline referrals and suspensions

C. Increase ADA to 95% for staff and students


Goal II   To develop open, honest, and responsive communication to build relationships promoting respect for all

A. Increase parental/community engagement as measured by feedback from parents, teachers, and community

B. Increase shared decision making with all stakeholders as measured by surveys

C. Maximize transparency by communicating school events/activities as measured by technology resources


Goal III    To invest resources responsibly and effectively to accomplish the district’s vision, mission, and goals

A. Create an organizational structure to maximize personnel effectively as measured by student achievement and retention rate

B. Ensure adequate upkeep of facilities and equipment as measured by maintenance, technology, and transportation plans

C. Ensure instructional programs are adequately maintained in accordance with MDE guidelines


Goal IV   To engage students in an instructional program that prepares them for life-long success

A. Increase average ACT score to 20 by 2021

B. Increase number of students enrolled in AP/Dual enrollment courses by 2 % annually through 2021.

C. Ensure quality PD aligned with teacher needs as measured by faculty feedback and teacher evaluations.


Goal V    To provide a variety of educational opportunities to develop individuality in each student

A. Increase college and career awareness for 100% of our students

B.  Increase the percentage of students involved in extracurricular activities

C. Provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents


CROSS REF.: Policies ABB C Board Powers and Duties

CEB C Duties of Superintendent