QSD Reopening Plan – 2021-22

QSD Reopening Plan – 2021-22 (QSD Board approved November 8, 2021)

Statement of Acknowledgement/Review:

As a requirement of the American Rescue Plan: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP / ESSER III) fund, “school districts receiving funds must develop a plan for the safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of services”. The ARP requires districts to “develop and make publicly available on the district’s website, no later than 30 days after receiving the allocation of funds.” The district shall seek public comment on the plan and take such comments into account in the development of the plan. All comments will be taken into consideration and reviewed by the QSD COVID committee. The plan must be reviewed/revised every six months and open for public comments. The period of last review was May 28 – June 4, 2021.


  • Heather Thomas

    Please do not make it so the kids have to give the shot. Let it be the parents choice. Also I would very much like for all schools to go full time not the hybrid. It really missed up my child this year. Also I don’t think mask should be a have too.

  • Elizabeth Busby

    If at all possible can we please allow the kids to have some normalcy. The kids hate going to school due to being uncomfortable in the masks. And, if at all possible can all kids go to school every day because it creates confusion.

  • The governor has lifted the mask mandate, I do not feel like we should have to wear masks in the buildings unless cases begin to rise!

  • Ashley Higginbotham

    NO MASKS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My child can not and will not wear a mask this long. The cases are soooooooo low now and we have passed the point of a major outbreak. We wore the mask and the outbreaks still happened and now that we are not wearing them they are lower so it is proven that the mask did not help. Take them off our kids!!!!!

  • Allison Barrett

    Unless cases begin to rise, I do understand the need for masks!

  • Stephanie Dickerson

    In Executive Order 1551, Governor Reeves stated that Section VI requiring that face coverings be worn while inside school buildings would expire no later than Monday, May 31, 2021. Unless there is another Executive Order by Governor Reeves that requires face coverings be worn inside school buildings during the 2021-2022 academic school, I strongly feel that decision should be left to the parents/guardians of each student.

  • Toshia Phillips

    It’s time to open school back up full time. However Wednesday should continue to be a short day for all students.

  • If there is no state mandate for mandatory masks there shouldn’t be a school mandate either.
    Parents and children are tired of the masks.

  • Christie Smith

    NO MASKS! If you can go anywhere else without a mask, I think it’s time to let our babies breathe. CDC always said it didn’t affect smaller children, like it did adults. PLEASE consider letting go of the masks!

  • Ann Miller Robinson

    I am not pleased with your plan for continued masks requirement……. the amount of state testing I believe is ridiculous and I’m displeased with the curriculum…….. as much as I don’t want to take the children out of public school I will if it continues down the same old path. It appears children are being taught how to take tests….. instead of being taught basics and skills for a well rounded education………

  • Mask should be optional! School should return back too full time!!!

  • If we can go everywhere else and not have to wear a mask then we should not require it for our students. The number of cases have significantly dropped, however if the number of cases start to rise again we can reevaluate at that time. The kids should also be allowed to return to school to reach their full academic potential.

  • Carrie Sanderson

    NO MORE MASK!!!!!! if someone wants their child to wear a mask it should be optional!!!!!! These children need to go back to normal life and focus on learning at school and all the kids need to go back full time not some go 2 days a week and others go all week these kids deserve an education!

  • No more mask our kids need to breathe fresh air ! Open schools back to normal

  • Jennifer Reese

    No more mask!!!!! I think mask should be optional if a child and their family feel comfortable wearing a mask to school then great but don’t mandate it! My kids love school but it would break your heart to see things kids have wrote about this past school year. Our kids are sick of mask. We all are sick and tired of mask!! Let our babies breathe let it be a choice!!!! I think all students should go 5 days a week!!!! It makes no sense what so ever for some kids to only go twice a week! NO more mask please!!!!!

  • Make masks optional. No more hybrid. These children need to be in school full time.

  • I agree with everyone else. Masks should be optional. That should be a decision to be made by the parents. Also all kids should be required to be on campus 5 days a week. Lower case numbers, but we are also seeing lower grades and lower tests scores because the kids are not receiving the proper education that they are entitled to receive. All schools surrounding Quitman were at 4-5 days for all grades, except QJHS &QHS. Only some grades going part time makes things difficult in a house with children in different buildings. Let the kids get back to being normal, we are past major outbreaks. They need to see their friends and they need a proper education. Kids get more from school than math, science, and reading. They need socialization time as well. August 2021 should mimic August 2019.

  • Emily Holifield

    Please do not require masks. Vaccinations are out. This is as good as it’s going to get. Masks should be optional.

  • Melissa Griffin

    Please make mask optional for students and teachers. Our children (especially lower grade levels) need to see their teacher’s mouth and facial expressions while being taught. I would also love to see my son greeted by a smiling teacher/administrator each morning instead of a masked person.

  • Im a proud republican if it matters. But i believe my kids should still where masks. Some of us aren’t vaccinated. I dont want anybody else to die because i’ve seen the tragedies as a doctor. It isn’t worth the risk as well as a 5 day full on class room setting. In the hallways you will not be able to have a secure masked hallway which means kids will pull the masks down to talk, eat, drink, etc. It takes one person to have it and be able to spread it to person number 2 and 3, 4, 5,etc. A lot of people haven’t went through what I’ve seen. I’ve seen teens suffocate to death and become brain dead but some say the reward overcomes the risk. There is no reward in having a dead brother,sister,uncle,aunt,father,mother,grandparent,or great grandparent just so your kid can do the same thing and have the same resources that he’d have at school. If we crack to these comments every person I named think about how they might’ve died cause of a inperson school and how a mask could’ve saved there peoples lives. Hybrid learning for all. #dontcrack #maskup

  • Quitman School District has struggled for many years now. Poor leadership has driven many of our seasoned educators to retire earlier than they originally planned. We are losing quality newer teachers as well. I’ve asked why and most if not all point to the leadership. Then Corona hit…and the issue was magnified. Parents and teachers watched other districts learn quickly than distant learning is not effective at all.
    Our district sat stagnant while kids struggled to balance being a kid and trying maintain school. They needed structure more than anything. There is no mask mandate in the state, so why are we torturing a age group who suffered very little since the beginning of the wuhan flu? The mask protocol is ineffective anyway. Did you see a dr reuse his mask after surgery? NOPE, but some of you have never even washed your cloth mask which have been proven to not protect against airborne pathogens in the first place. I could go on and on but I won’t.
    We struggle daily whether to pull our kids from a district we see dwindling away before our eyes. A school me and my spouse attended and loved. There are several good educators left and I hate to give up on their efforts, but it is getting harder and harder to fight that battle.

  • Mask should NOT be required. The governor removed the mask mandate so this should not even be an issue. Hybrid schedule should have been gone a long time ago for the older kids. The other school in our county didn’t have a hybrid schedule. Those kids went to school every single day. My child was at QLE and they went to school every day also, I am just speaking out for those kids that didn’t have the same opportunity. Those kids deserve better. QSD let them down.

  • I believe masks should be a choice not a requirement. The mask mandate has been lifted and the children deserve some normalcy.

  • Chelsea Bonner

    I do not agree with making masks mandatory. Please let this be an option for parents/students!

  • We need masks. Please you haven’t lost anyone to covid please lets wait at least until the third nine weeks. To those here quit politicizing masks. This isn’t what we want but need

  • I think you should let all the kids go to the next grade because it had been a long year and we know that kids haven’t been focused

  • I think it should be up to the parents/students whether or not masks are worn. Students need to be on a full time in school schedule. Covid has been tough on everyone but it is time for some normalcy. I think everyone has done the best that they could and I applaud all the staff, parents and students.

  • Kristee Conner

    I think it is time for the schools to return to a normal program. A lot of our children are falling behind trying to learn on there own with limited help from parents that have to work everyday like myself. We already live in a community with no after-school programs or tutors to give extra help to the students falling behind. The work is very complicated trying to follow a teacher online in certain classes and our kids need one-on-one attention from teachers. Why is it so easy for people to go to the mall, out to eat and gather in large crowds but not want for their child to go to school full time and learn?? We need this for our kids and their future. Masks should be a choice!!

  • Justin Dickerson

    Kids absolutely need go back to school full time, it’s quiet obvious that the teachers nor the children can keep up with what’s going on with this “virtual learning” excuse for the district to obtain government funding. Teachers, parents, nor children are getting the interaction required to educate the future workforce. I don’t know if it’s truly difficult for teachers or there is an unacceptable level of laziness, but these online assignments are worthless it’s not teaching the children anything and with only 4 or 5 questions on the assignments one mistake and they nearly fail the assignment, I know teachers are suppose to call for parent/teacher conferences but that’s not happening so if there is any problems with a child it’s not discovered until it’s too late for it to be handled. STOP robbing our children of an education, if there are some parents that are concerned about their child being in school, offer them a virtual option after a consultation to try and limit anyone from taking advantage of the system. Strictly enforce good hygiene and drop the mask mandate if parents wants their child to wear a mask let them make that decision. Let’s try to make students and teachers proud to be a panther again rather than embarrassed and looking for a way out!!!!

  • Renee' Buckley

    With the governor lifting the state mandate, I see no reason for masks to be mandatory at school when we can go anywhere else and not have to wear a mask. We need to focus on teaching our children and giving them some type of normalcy. We all need to see smiling faces (students and staff) that are happy to be at school. We should remain diligent about keeping our classrooms and areas clean and sanitized, but we need to be able to breathe. Masks should be optional for teachers and students.

  • Mask should be optional for staff and students. Children shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask and be miserable while trying to learn. Let it be left up to the parents. All students need to be in classes 5 days a week!

  • Courtney Shirley

    I absolutely believe our children need to be in school everyday. They are falling really far behind! If I feel the need for a mask we will wear it, but the school should not force it on my children. Most people voting for the kids to wear a mask don’t wear one themselves. Just go to our local dollar store’s or grocery store. I feel as the parent, I can make the decision. Also, if the child is completely virtual and the parent doesn’t want them around everyone they shouldn’t be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being virtual? It’s time for this district to make a change for the better!!

  • Heather Stewart

    Masks should not be required. Please make these optional.

  • Mask should be optional. The kids need to go back to 5 days a week to.

  • Jennifer Bozeman

    No masks!!! I’m not going to wear one all day. I do not want my children wearing one. There are about 100 cases a day now, not 3000.

    School MUST get back to full time. We are losing our education. My children did not learn one thing this year. Not one!!! Nothing. They should have been in school full time this year. There is no excuse for them not to be. I have plenty more to say, but will be forwarded to you in an email.

  • No mask! And all students full time but continue to get out early on Wednesdays

  • Please return to school full time . Hybrid /virtual was confusing and very stressful for my child and please no masks!

  • I say no mask and full time return. My grandkids did not learn one thing this year and i feel like they were just promoted. The hybrid/virtual was so confusing and it was very stressful. Just go back to the way it was. Numbers are way down and unless they start going way back up then prepare for it, but i think right now school should go back to normal.

  • Kimberly Dickerson

    Make mask optional. Allow EVERY grade to go back full time. When I asked my child if he likes the virtual learning his answer is NO. He along with many other children want to be in school learning and interacting with their friends. Many kids have struggled with the virtual learning while some kids may have not been challenged enough. While the virtual learning was a new and trying experience for all it’s not the way to continue to go. The children need a teacher in front of them teaching and helping them with any questions they have, not just assignments given to them on a computer for them to do on their own. When the students need help with online assignments it is taking some teachers all day if not days to reply to them. OUR CHILDREN DESERVE TO RECEIVE A GOOD EDUCATION!!!

  • I think the educators and staff of QSD have done an amazing job during this past school year. While all QSD families faced their own hardships due to the pandemic, you cannot imagine the uncertainty, the constant change, and the battles these folks chose to fight daily FOR YOUR CHILDREN—to keep them as safe as they could with the information we had AND to educate them in ways never done before. I HOPE THIS COMMUNITY UNDERSTANDS WHAT A GIFT THESE PEOPLE ARE TO US AND OUR CHILDREN.

    I would like to see masks optional for students and employees. By the time school starts, anyone over the age of twelve who wants a vaccine can have it. Safety protocols are necessary and should still be in place for students/staff who are ill.

    I would like to see all schools run a full time schedule. Virtual learning should only be allowed with a valid medical reason.

  • School should go back full time and that should be for every grade not just certain grades! No mask please! I had to beg my child to go to school because he didn’t like having to wear a mask all day at school! And for all these pre-k and kindergarten students allow their parents to walk them into school on the first day because that’s a big deal for the kids and parents.

  • Mask need to be parents choice should not be mandated

  • No more mask!! I have grand babies in QSD and they are sick of the mask! They cannot breathe all day in a mask. Mask /Vaccinations should be up to parents… Governer mandates are over QSD needs to let these kids be kids again.

  • PLEASE NO MASK & school full time! The kids had such a hard time this year!

  • Our children need to return to school full time and masks should be optional. The extra cleaning/sanitizing policies need to continue ALWAYS!!

  • Stephen Myrick

    No mask!! As a parent if we don’t go back to normal school schedule . We make need our own changes.

    If someone feels the need to wear a mask let them. We should respect their choice and they should respect ours also.

  • Stephen Myrick

    Our hope as parents is that school schedule returns to normal and masks requirements are removed. Let individuals do what they feel necessary to protect themselves.

    As parents my hope is that QSD officials don’t force us parents to have to make changes that we don’t want to.

  • Continue to wear masks to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

  • Kimberly mcgrew

    I don’t think we should make these kids wear a mask . Let our kids breathe and go back 5 days a week .these kids are failing due to not being at school and I don’t think they should fail any kids .my kids hate this schedule they were on just 2 days a week was crap .

  • 5 days a week
    NO masks
    Kids need to be in school to get the best education possible and they need social interaction with their peers.

  • The wearing of masks, extra efforts and constant sanitizing are probably the reasons why numbers decreased and remained low. But the over all focus is on the kids wear masks or not,sad . QSD , PLEASE do what is best for all
    Kids and staff.

  • Let me start by saying I don’t have a kid in school right now but I do have two kids that graduated from the Quitman School District. I do, however, still have nieces and nephews and friends that have kids in school at Quitman. When this plandemic first started I could understand the precautions that took place. However, we all learned new information during this whole thing. The mask takes away so much from the children as in their identity and their expressions. They also need to see the teachers faces. I feel it should be a choice. I also do not think it is legal to force vaccines. Our children need in person, one on one, teaching. Praying for Quitman to have a better school year because I do care about our community and our children!