EEF Instructions 2022

Teachers please see your building secretary to sign your Teacher Agreement and sign for your card.  This year ALL instructional staff will receive an EEF card regardless of whether you are paid from federal or district funds.  Instructional staff are those staff who work DIRECTLY with students, not with teachers.  (If you don’t think you should get a card and receive one, email

Please note the following:
1.  Each card is pre-loaded for you to spend on ALLOWABLE CLASSROOM supplies.  When audited, you may/will be asked to supply your lesson plan/student plan (counselors) to show how you used the purchase instructionally!
2.  A recent audit of a teacher’s EEF card disallowed HAND SANITIZER and INCENTIVES for students as a legitimate purchase.  Teachers were required to personally pay back hundreds of dollars.
3.  Keep your receipts for 5 years.  You can be audited.  (Teachers are audited each year)  Keep your lesson plans related to EEF card purchases for 5 years.  Do not rely on online receipts and/or lesson plans.  Print a hard copy!
4.  Make copies of your receipts, as receipts fade over time.
5.  Do not pay sales tax in the State of MS using your EEF card.  (See attached sales tax exempt letter that you may need to present to the vendor when you make a purchase)
6.  Set up your ONLINE account access NOW.  Only you can do this, I cannot.  (see attached instructions)  You will set up a NEW account.
7.  Unallowed expense examples:  travel, alcohol, meals, movies, music, prizes, snacks, reward items (other than for instructional purposes), cleaning supplies, furniture, services fees (Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, etc.)
8.  ALLOWABLE expenses: School supplies which means and is limited to binders, book bags, calculators, cellophane tape, blackboard chalk, compasses, composition books, crayons, erasers, expandable folders, pocket folders, plastic folders, manila folders, glue, paste, paste sticks, highlighters, index cards, index card boxes, legal pads, lunch boxes, markers, notebooks, paper, loose leaf ruled notebook paper, copy paper, graph paper, tracing paper, manila paper, colored paper, poster board, construction paper, pencil boxes, school supply boxes, pencil sharpeners, pencils, pens, protractors, rulers, scissors, and writing tablets; instructional materials and equipment, including computers and computer software.  (This list came directly from MDE!)
9.  Any equipment purchased must be donated to Quitman School District.  See below for definition of equipment:
  Capitalization: This school district will capitalize (1) All assets with a useful life of greater than one year and with a historical cost of at least $1,000; and 
 (2) These items listed as exceptions, regardless of cost, (unless noted otherwise): Cameras & Camera Equipment (Greater than $250) Televisions (Greater than $250) Computers & Computer Equipment (Greater than $250) Weapon Two-Way Radio Equipment Lawn Maintenance Equipment CellularTelephones Chain Saws Air Compressors Welding Machines Generators Motorized Vehicles. 
Equipment purchased with EEF Classroom Supply purchasing cards shall become property of the Quitman School District. These assets shall follow the above threshold guidelines for tagging of equipment. Personal equipment brought into the school district, will not be subject to oversight by the QSD Technology Department unless the asset is donated to the school district through the proper procedures.
We highly recommend erring on the side of caution and paying close attention to the allowable purchases listed.  Teachers state-wide were audited and are paying back funds.
1.  Sales Tax Exempt Letter – to be used when proving your card is sales tax exempt in the State of MS.  The sales tax exemption does not apply to most online vendors.
2.  EEF Online Account – instructions for you to set up your online account so you can view your transactions.  I cannot see your transactions and do not have access to this portal.
3.  EEF Procurement Card FAQs
4.  Teacher Agreement Form – sign this form and give it to your building secretary.  Read this document.
If your card is lost and/or stolen, report this immediately to Elisa Mayo or your building secretary!   You will be required to turn your card back in to the building secretary each year!  Turn your card in immediately once you have completed your spending.
From MDE:
The deadline for all activity is April 01, 2023. No purchases or returns should take place after this date. Please encourage teachers to spend EEF funds prior to March 1, 2023. Teachers should be reminded that they are responsible for ensuring all charges and credits are posted to the account. Errors which may result in an overage on the card will be the responsibility of the teacher. All teachers receiving a card should register for an online account with UMB Bank.