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This is a photo of the QJH schedule.Welcome to Quitman Junior High! As new students to QJH, you should be given a proper introduction to how you will enter the building each day, how you will get to class, and how you will leave at the end of each day.

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First, arrivals… Student drop-off begins at 7:25 each morning.  The first period bell rings at 7:47 a.m.  If you are not in your first period class by 7:50 a.m., you are late for school.  If your parents are dropping you off in the morning, they have two options for drop-offs.

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1. Go down past Dart and drive to the Junior High. When you get to the Junior High, there will be a loop that your parents can pull through.

2. Go through the housing area and cross over the railroad tracks. There will be signs designating drop-off points.

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Mr. Jemison will be directing traffic and Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Albritton will be taking your temperature in your vehicle. If your temperature is 100 degrees or higher, you will be asked to get back in your car and go home until you are fever free for 24 hours.

This is a photo of a classroom at QJH.

After leaving the drop-off area, you will walk down the sidewalk to the 6th grade cross-hall. When you enter the side door you will pick up your breakfast items. From there, you will go to your first period class. 

This is a photo of a hallway at QJH.

Turn around and you will see some of the classes on the 6th grade hallway. You will see Mrs. McKenzie’s Computer Lab class next door to your breakfast pickup.  Most 6th graders take this class unless you are in SWAT.

This is an essential question asked of an 8th grade social studies student.

When you turn to enter the 6th grade hallway, the 6th grade teachers will be on the right side of the hallway. The first class you see will be Mrs. Padbury. Mrs. Padbury will be your ELA (English Language Arts) teacher. Next, you will see Mrs. James’ class. Mrs. James is your Science teacher. Across from Mrs. James’s class is Mrs. Carter’s class.  Next, you will see Mrs. Coody’s class. Mrs. Coody teaches Math and she may also be your bus driver.  The next class you will see is Ms. Tolbert’s. Ms. Tolbert teaches Social Studies. Across the hallway from Ms. Tolbert’s room, you will find Mrs. Albritton’s Tutorial classroom. Next to Mrs. Albritton’s room, you will find Mrs. Kelly’s SWAT class. At the very end of the hallway, on the right side, you will find Mr. Jemison’s Tutorial classroom.

This is a stack of books read at QJH.

To go to any class, you will need to walk on the right hand side of the hallway. There are barriers up that keep the hallway separated into left and right sides. 

Make sure you bring your own water bottle to school, because the water fountains will not be able to be used. Your water bottle needs to be a clear container with a lid and only water in the water bottle.

Your lunch period is during your 4th period class. Your teacher will go over cafeteria rules and procedures with you the first day of school.

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For dismissal, the blue double doors at the end of the hallway will be where some of you exit. If you are in Mrs. Coody’s room and down, you will exit out of these doors. If you are in Mrs. James’ room and up, you will exit out of the 6th grade cross hall doors and walk around the building on the sidewalk to the buses. If you are a car rider, you will walk to the office where car rider pick-up is taking place. Cars will drive around the building following the busses for dismissal.

This is a series of bobbleheads in a classroom at QJH.

The upcoming school year at QJH will bring even more opportunities to showcase our students and their amazing talents.  We look forward to the new additions in our athletic departments and the continued success of our music programs.  Many students have been hard at work preparing over the summer for the upcoming seasons.

Academic instruction at QJH will continue to strive for greatness. Teachers have spent lots of time preparing for new programs that we can’t wait to share with our students and parents.

QJH is ready!  We are…waiting on you to arrive!


Quitman Junior High

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Phone: (601) 776-6243

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Bill Russell, Principal

Kristen Schrimpshire, Assistant Principal

2020 QSD Dropout Prevention Plan


Huge thank you to Mrs. Albritton for her help on this page!