Quitman Upper Elementary

QUE Administrators

Assistant Principal Debbie Chapman Principal Kristen Schrimpshire

QUE principal, Mrs. Kristen Schrimpshire, and assistant principal, Mrs. Debbie Chapman, have been planning all summer for an outstanding year at QUE. An important part of their plan is a new vision and mission statement for QUE.  The focus at QUE is to be intentional. That means being thoughtful about planning, professional development, the things we do, and the words that we say.  QUE administration is planning to use every minute more intentionally so changes to the daily schedule are coming soon.

Quitman Upper Elementary

300 East Franklin Street

Quitman, MS 39355

Phone: (601) 776-6123

Fax: (601) 776-1043


Kristen Schrimpshire, Principal

Debbie Chapman, Assistant Principal