Quitman Upper Elementary

What makes a school a school? A school is an institution for educating children. But what makes a school a place where those who are a part of it can say with pride, “That’s MY school!” Creating and maintaining a sense of pride comes when students, staff, parents, and community join together for a common goal. For us, it means being in a Panther State of Mind.

In a “Panther State of Mind,” you simply need to think like a panther. A panther perseveres, is responsible, shows compassion, is respectful, and exemplifies integrity.

Perseverance – Hard work is important. Anything is attainable through setting goals and working hard to accomplish them. Panthers are determined. We never give up no matter what obstacles are in our way. We continue to move forward and advance individually and collectively.

Responsibility – We are responsible for our choices. Panthers own their actions.  We choose the path we want. If we want better, we make adjustments and different choices. In the end, we are who we choose to be. Make sure it’s what we intend.

Compassion – “Do unto others as you want done unto you.” The Golden Rule is not dead. Kindness and understanding go a long way. Panthers take care of one another, lend a helping hand, work together for the gain of all, and consider others in their actions.

Respect – Panthers show gratitude and politeness toward others. We listen when others are talking and value their opinions. We treat others well and respect those in authority. Panthers know to get respect, they must first give it.

Integrity – What we say is important. Panthers are honest and dependable. We do the right thing whether someone is watching or not. We are fair to all. We show our strength over time by doing the right thing for the overall good.

Are YOU in a “Panther State of Mind?” At QUE, we are. We will work hard for our students, parents, and community to grow and be better. The upcoming school year brings a time for a renewed sense of excitement and pride in what is to come. We certainly hope you will join with us as we embark on what promises to be a tremendous year wrapped in blue and gold.


Quitman Upper Elementary

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Leah Ivey, Principal

Tanya Irby, Assistant Principal

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