Quitman Upper Elementary

AH6A9209Have you driven a Ford lately?

This slogan, used by the Ford Motor Company in the 1980’s, is one of the most recognized slogans in American History.

Ford used this slogan to communicate that Ford had made improvements and was not the automobile that your fathers drove.

I would like to ask, “Have you visited Quitman Upper Elementary lately?”

We have a great staff that is dedicated to teaching each child the skills necessary to perform jobs that have not even been invented!

What will the future hold for our children?  We need everyone’s support to make sure our children can read information, form an opinion and make good decisions.  Our children must have the confidence they need to try and fail, but not fail to try.

When you speak with your children concerning school and their teachers, speak of good things and how their teachers are skilled and will help them to be successful. When you post on your Facebook page or Twitter, be proud of our school district and especially QUE. We have many success stories that can be told.  You just may be one of those who was educated by dedicated QSD teachers and would like to share your story.

We are blessed to have wonderful facilities and equipment, but even more than that, we have the people in place dedicated to teach all children that come to be a part of QSD. So the next time you are driving by our school, come to our main office and let’s tour QUE and share past and future success stories.


Quitman Upper Elementary

300 East Franklin Street

Quitman, MS 39355

Phone: (601) 776-6123

Fax: (601) 776-1043


James Kelley, Principal

Tanya Irby, Assistant Principal