Quitman Upper Elementary

Photo of bulletin board listing the 7 habits by Steven Covey.The beauty of working with others in search of success is that the process can end in the group becoming something greater than what could be achieved individually. A group decides the focus of their work and moves as a whole instead of individually. They are in sync with one another; supporting and working together as one unit towards greatness. 

We are extremely fortunate that the staff of Quitman Upper Elementary embodies this beauty. In order for an organization to be successful, those within must exemplify the core beliefs and attributes that are valued. Our core beliefs at QUE are perseverance, responsibility, compassion, respect, and integrity. We intend on continuing to let these core beliefs drive what we do. Staff members have recently been trained in new mindsets which we will be using in upcoming years – Leader in Me and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

Last year, we made significant gains in the culture of QUE through the QUE House System. With a focus on good attendance, good behavior, grit, kindness and encouragement, responsibility, academic achievement, and meeting goals, our students have come to understand the importance of doing the right things for yourself and those around you. We also focused on student academic proficiency during the last school year. We will continue to focus on this area during the upcoming school year. 

At QUE, we believe that our journey is best represented as a ladder. Last year, we worked on the first rung – student and staff culture and shifting focus to student proficiency. This upcoming year, we will step towards the second rung of our ladder – supporting student leaders and increasing the number of students who are proficient. With each moment of success, we will continue to find ways to move towards becoming even better.

We want you to know that we will continue to work hard for our students, parents, and community to grow and be better. The upcoming school year brings a time for celebration and setting goals for what is to come. We certainly hope you will join with us as we embark on what promises to be a tremendous year wrapped in blue and gold. QUE: Climb On!



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Leah Ivey, Principal

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