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Mrs. Allen knows that the best educators are found at Quitman School District.QLE students pose in front of the school.

Parents and guardians are facing hard choices about school during the pandemic. Each family is unique, and weighing the costs and benefits can be difficult. Quitman Lower Elementary is here to help. We believe the relationship between the student, teacher, and parent is absolutely essential to a successful school year. While this year may look different, we are committed to serving our students and their families with the excellence you have come to expect. Make no mistake. QLE is the right choice.

Option 1, Traditional Setting

There is no equivalent substitute for traditional, in-person learning, and this could not be more true for young students. Pre-Kindergarten through second grade students learn essential foundational skills. Failure to set the right foundation will most certainly have a negative effect that will likely prove hard to overcome. Teaching a student how to read is no easy task. It requires skill, patience, and consistency. Students need real, and timely feedback to become a good reader. We know that computer programs and assignments cannot replace the impact of a good teacher.

If it is possible for your child to attend school, don’t miss out on the best educational opportunity. QLE teachers go above and beyond to provide an environment where students grow academically as well as socially and emotionally. Students will enjoy being with highly skilled, loving teachers who encourage their learning and know exactly how to push them toward excellence.

Option 2, Distance Learning

If your child is unable to attend school in-person, the next best thing is distance learning through Quitman Lower Elementary. While the benefits of having a teacher give timely feedback throughout the day would not be possible, your child would still have access to virtual lessons, computer programs, as well as ongoing interaction with a teacher. We know it is important to you that your child master grade level skills, and we can help you ensure your student is not falling behind.

Distance Learning Reminders…

1. To qualify for distance learning, the parent or guardian must submit a letter or other form of documentation stating why distance learning is necessary.

2. To qualify for distance learning, the student must have internet access. Proof of internet service must be provided.

3. To qualify for distance learning, the parent/guardian must agree to bring the student to campus at designated, agreed upon times for assessments.

Finally, we are always here to help in any way. Please call (601)776-6156 or email aallen@qsdk12.org.


Best regards,
Amanda Allen, QLE Principal


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Amanda Allen, Principal

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