The finance department of the Quitman School District is charged with managing the assets of the district.  The district operates with an annual budget of $19 million.  Of this budget, 53% is for instructional operations, 36% is for support services operations, 8% is for noninstructional operations, and 3% is for debt service.  Instructional operations include the salaries and supplies provided directly to the classroom.  Support services include support staff such as principals, secretaries, counselors, nurses, and bus drivers.  In addition, it includes the maintenance of the buildings, as well as, utility cost and insurance.  Noninstructional operations pertain to the food services department.  Debt service is reserved to meet the debt obligations of the school district.  The finance department works to record revenues based on requirements from state and federal agencies, to safeguard district physical and monetary assets, to manage legal liability risks of the district, to expend district resources as needed, to abide by employment laws, and to produce data that is instrumental in the administration of the district’s mission.


Maps of 16th Section Lands

16-10-9 Beaverdam

16-1-15 and 2-15 White Oak and Brady

16-2-14 Pachuta

16-2-16 and 17 Landfill and Manassa 16-1-16 and 17 Sels Prairie and Carmichael

16-2-18 Haney

16-3-15 Pole Mill

16-3-16 and 17 Mont Rose and Hopewell

16-3-18 Alabama

Reference SixteenthSectCode.


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Lotis Johnson, Finance Director

Natasha Tubbs, Payroll

Alicia Ivy, Bookkeeper


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The Public Employees’ Retirement System

Both employees of Quitman Schools and the school district itself contribute funds to the retirement system.  This system allows for the retirement of public school staff once they have met the number of years experience and age requirements.  Currently employees contribute 9% of their gross wages to the system.  The Quitman School District contributes 15.75% of employees’ gross wages to the system as required by state law.


MS Deferred Compensation Plan and Trust

This program allows employees to invest a portion of their paychecks through payroll deduction each month.   The trust is a 457 plan that allows employees to tax-shelter their deductions which results in immediate tax savings for any contributions made.  Quitman School District does not contribute monetarily to this plan on behalf of employees.


State of MS School Employees’ Health Insurance Plan

The state employees of MS are covered under a self-insured plan that is administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MS.  Through this health plan, employees can secure insurance coverage for themselves and their families.


Flexible Spending Plan

This plan outlines the benefits offered to employees through Quitman School District’s tax-sheltered insurance plan. Click HERE for the S125 Plan Document.


2017 QSD Financial Statements