Defining Clancy

Clancy leads the parade of graduates into Quitman Upper Elementary.

Clancy leads the 2019 Parade of Graduates into the Quitman Upper Elementary library complex. The morning represents another step toward completing a goal that she set for herself. The class valedictorian is no stranger to goal setting, planning, being proactive, understanding connection, and having cancer, but she explains,

“I don’t want to be remembered for having or beating cancer. I want to be remembered as an inspiration. I think I can be remembered that way. Cancer is just a part of why I am an inspiration. No matter what happened I was going to become my best self. It wasn’t about competing with other people. It was about competing with myself. I don’t mean being hard on myself. I’ve done everything I can to be my best, and I just happen to end up on top. I know a lot of people think that I’ve gotten to where I am because I had cancer. You don’t just get handed a 31 on your ACT and a 4.14 GPA.”

Clancy’s friends agree.

Clancy and Raven take a selfie with the photographer's phone.

Photograph courtesy of Clancy

Clancy poses with her friends.

Photograph courtesy of Clancy

They made THIS, which resulted in a $1,000 check delivered to the Anderson Regional Cancer Center for the Cancer Patient Benevolent Fund. Creating a fundraiser coupled with an ACT score, GPA, volunteer hours, conversation skills, and simply what seems like a natural way to light up a room has landed Clancy a dormitory at the University of Southern Mississippi.

“I received a full tuition scholarship from my ACT and both the $6,000 Luckyday scholarship and the $2,000 Honors College scholarship. I was hoping to get one, but I didn’t expect to get both Luckyday and the Honors College. Each have different opportunities that will help me in college. The LuckyDay dorm has really nice rooms, private baths directly across the hall, a laundry room on every floor, a fridge, an oven, and a microwave. It’s an open floor plan which encourages people to build relationships. It is all about community service and involvement. It is about building relationships that last. The motto is plant, grow, flourish.”


Clancy leads the 2019 Parade of Graduates.

Clancy poses with her Golden Eagle sign.

Photograph courtesy of Clancy

The 2019 Distinguished Young Woman of Clarke County and QHS Star Student is planning on being a distinguished star nursing student.

“I’m in the Early Entry Nursing Program. I’ve wanted to go to optometry school. Most people that go to optometry school get a degree in biology, but I’m getting a nursing degree because it’s a steady and reliable job with options. I’ve thought about a nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, and optometry school. Those are just the ones I’ve looked into because I want to have something to fall back on. The medical field is where my heart is. It is so interesting to me how the body works and everything that can happen. I really want to work in the O.R. I love the intricate details of cutting someone open and being able to repair so many things just by having the knowledge.”

As Clancy plans her transition into moving, building new relationships, maintaining friendships, accomplishing goals, and choosing wisely, she can’t leave Quitman without saying,

“My sister and I are the loves of my dad’s life. He tries not to show it.” She laughs, “He is the worst cook. He puts beans in ramen noodles and says, ‘Look what I made for you.'”


Clancy poses with her family.

Photograph courtesy of Clancy

“And my mom, I love my Mom. I don’t know what else to say.  We are incredible friends, and we fight all the time. We just know each other like that. Me and my sister are the same way. We are so alike.”

For those who want to be more like Clancy, the QHS Student Council, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Academic Quiz Bowl Team, FCA Leadership Team, Annual Staff, National Honor Society, and National Technical Honor Society member says,

“Set goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. You define your success.”


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