Where Are They Now? Hunter Adjusts

It’s only been a little over a year since Hunter Kelly graduated from Quitman High School. He already had plans to attend Meridian Community College, and his academic performance in high school had earned him college credit, high honors, and a tuition scholarship. He was going to live at home with his parents, commute to school, study electrical technology, and then go the Mississippi State University to complete his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Now he explains,

“I like MCC. I like being close to home. I feel like I have a lot of free time. I get there at 9:30 a.m. and I’m out by lunch. And that’s as a full time student. I can go turkey hunting in the morning, go to school, and then go turkey hunting in the afternoon.”

Though Hunter has obviously had a good first year of college, his plans have now changed.

Photo courtesy of Chrissy Kelly

He explains, “It was during the second semester in my Cal II class that I decided I wanted to go into forestry. Plus, I just always wanted to do forestry. I love the woods and being outside. It’s what I’m good at. I grew up in the woods.”

Hunter also enjoyed his time in forestry class and being a part of the FFA at the  Clarke County Career Tech Center.

“I think I may go into forestry and wildlife conservation and get a minor in wildlife and biology. I’ll still go to MSU after another year at MCC. It’s just that I plan to live in Clarke County. I don’t really like big cities. I want to do what I love.”

Hunter is working for Quitman School District’s maintenance crew this summer, and he plans on maintaining his Dean’s List status and applying for scholarships to MSU during his second year at MCC.


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