Davis is QHS Teacher of the Year


For those who may be wondering if Michelle Davis is as kind and funny and genuine and helpful and sweet in the classroom as she is out of the classroom, the answer is yes. Not an emphatic yes followed by an exclamation point, but it’s a yes as if she would say it, without raising her voice, with such a calm demeanor, and with that classic Davis sincerity.

It’s how Davis’ former student, Haley Haney, speaks of the QHS English II teacher, “I loved her. She cares about her students. She treats us like we’re her own kids.”

davis1Though QHS students would agree, they were not the ones who voted for Davis to be named the school’s Teacher of the Year. It was her fellow faculty who felt that the 25 year teaching veteran needed to be recognized for her work not only in the classroom but also as  a homecoming organizer, student council advisor, the year end Battle of the Classes planner, and last year’s Spring Fling for the Rings coordinator.

Assistant Principal Minnie Dace says of Davis, “She goes above and beyond for everyone. You don’t even have to ask. I’ve known her for a long time. She’s a great person and an excellent teacher.” 

QHS Counselor Lasaundra King adds, “She’s one of those teachers that you know truly cares about the kids. She goes the extra mile to make sure they get what they need in the classroom and outside of the classroom, but then she does it for all of us, too. She and Mrs. Dace are the ones who organize baby showers and wedding showers because we’re all like a family here. She’s a big part of our family.”


One of the many brightly colored, hand painted creations found throughout Davis’ classroom is this message to her students.

For Davis, Quitman School District is family. Both she and her husband graduated from Quitman High School. Their first born Krystyn was a QHS graduate, is now a teacher at Pearl River Community College, and gave birth to the couple’s first grandchild last week. Katelin, their second child, also graduated from QHS, is enjoying her senior year at The University of Mississippi, and is now in the process of applying to law school. The most recent addition to the Davis family, Kynlee, is having a blast in Quitman Lower Elementary’s Pre-K this year.

As for Davis, it’s hard to catch her without a smile.


Davis explains at least one of the reasons she is smiling.

“I enjoy teaching. When I went to school here Mrs. Baggett was my English teacher. She inspired me to want to teach and teach English. She was a go getter. She had the work mentality of Mr. Savage (the QHS Principal). It’s like you get in and hold on, and I love it. As long as I am enjoying it, I am going to keep teaching.”

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