When You’re Happy It Shows

Mrs. Hannah Walley was voted Quitman Upper Elementary’s Teacher of the Year. To understand what that means we asked her fellow teachers what about Mrs. Walley makes her the school’s Teacher of the Year. Then we asked her.
A fourth grade student works on her computer.

“I voted for Hannah because she is a hard worker and always prepared. Also, Hannah is very good about doing what she says she is going to do, whether it be for our grade group or rewards/punishment for her students. She goes above and beyond for her coworkers, students, family, and friends. Hannah is a special person who I honestly feel blessed to work beside!”
Mrs. Mayfield

4th grade students work on their computers.

“I voted for Hannah Walley, because she is an absolutely, positively wonderful teacher. Hannah Walley NEVER has anything negative to say. She is always so positive. Hannah has high expectations for all of her students, and she lets them know that! I fell in love with Hannah Walley’s classroom last year while observing some students in her classroom. What I saw was phenomenal! Her classroom had children with all kinds of behaviors. I saw all children actively engaged all around her room, at any time of the day. This year is no different. Hannah makes her students feel like they can do anything. SHE ALWAYS SMILES!!! She deserves teacher of the year….hands down!!!!”
Mrs. Wright

4th grade students work on their computers.

“She is an excellent mentor. This being just my second year teaching, she answers a lot of my questions, gives great advice and classroom tips!”
Mrs. Finney

A fourth grade student works on his computer.

“In my opinion, she is the perfect teacher. She loves children, can handle difficult situations and never gets upset or rattled. She is a very kind-hearted person and loves ALL the children, even her former students.”
Mrs. Hampton

4th graders pose with their teacher.

Mrs. Walley is a five-year teaching veteran who has been in a Quitman Upper Elementary fourth grade classroom for the past two years. But even before that, the daughter, sister, and wife came from a long line of educators.

“My mama and daddy were teachers. My sister is a teacher at Wayne County and my brother is a teacher at Troy University. The kids are my favorite part. You put me in a room full of kids, and I’m happy as a lark,” she smiles.

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