Daniel on Adaptability

Daniel poses in the hallway at QHSMany of Quitman High School seniors have been going to school together every year for the past twelve years. Daniel is not one of those seniors. Instead Daniel moved to Nashville when he was in third grade and returned to Mississippi via Oak Grove High School in the 9th grade. Then he attended Meridian High School before he came to QHS in mid-October of last year.

“I’ve been to a lot of schools, and I left a bunch of good friends in Tennessee. I played my last Meridian High School football game on October 7th of last year. Then I moved here. Though I hated having to meet new friends, I was fine.”

And though Daniel does admit that his senior year is stressful, sitting down with him gives you the sense that this young man has learned a skill from his travels. Daniel has learned to adapt well, and it does help that QHS is filled with students who are willing to be friends.

Daniel stands with a friend at the QHS Celebration Day.

Being open to new people and new places will surely help a guy who is not certain what career he wants to pursue. He explains,

“I like bigger cities where there is more to do. I’m going to MCC next year. I think I’m going to do their electrical program. I’ve already applied and been accepted. I just didn’t see anything else that interested me, and that kinda caught my eye. I’m still debating on a career. Right now I’m taking Technology Foundations, Culinary Arts II, College English Comp I and II, Economics, Art, and Chemistry.”

Daniel uses a chef knife in Culinary Arts II class at Clarke County Career Tech Center.

Daniel’s list of high school classes is as varied as his interests are. The classrooms he visits each day include a kitchen, a science lab, and a room filled with drafting tables.

“I took culinary because I just wanted to learn to cook better. I started playing piano earlier this year. There’s this song I sing at church that I just started playing, but I could never read music. When I went to Meridian I played football, but when I came here I couldn’t. That freed up some time.”

Daniel sketches in art class.

When asked if he has any advice for fellow students who may also find free time on their hands, Daniel doesn’t hesitate before he replies,

“Just don’t give up and keep working. Try and stay out of situations as much as possible. Do the work. Don’t put it off.”

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