A Message from Dr. Holloway – Safety First

Dr. Holloway sits at his desk and speaks with Panther Nation.After considering all factors, listening to medical experts and consulting with other administrators, we have decided to push the traditional face-to-face school opening back to September 8th. The safety and well-being of all of our students and staff members is our top priority. School will begin through Distance Learning on August 10th. Check with your child’s school about any variation from the district’s schedule. On August 10th we will begin delivering meals to our students on their bus routes. Please check our website and social media and expect AIM calls with new information pertaining to your child’s education. When traditional school starts on September 8th we will provide our staff and students with the safest possible environment while continuing to equip them with the best education. We appreciate your understanding and patience during these unprecedented times.

I hope everyone stays safe. We will see you soon!
Toriano Holloway

You can find a video of this message on the district’s YouTube page.

To see our most updated Distance Learning Plan with an attendance policy addition and changes to student meals, click here: QSD 2020-2021 Distance Learning Plan.